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Image of Willson Hau, who as Facilitator Edge, offers a unique blend of creative embodied awareness and movement practices.

As a change catalyst - facilitator, consultant, coach and leader, you are the intervention. 

Your emotional awareness, and capacity to self-regulate, is what sets you apart for your clients.

Now you can expand your toolkit, by bringing greater awareness to your movement and body. 

Your physical awareness will ripple into your emotional awareness, facilitative energy, and capacity to catalyse change.

Blend Body, Mind and Energy
into real-world executive presence

Embodied executive presence, from Facilitator Edge: Photo of yellow/gold  outdoor spiral stairs.

About Facilitator Edge

When you step into pushing your boundaries, and open yourself to challenge, you learn, you grow.  


In nurturing your own resourcefulness and well-being, you lay the foundation for catalysing change in yourself.


In bringing your curiosity to what challenges you, you open yourself to sensing new perspectives, possibilities, and creativity.

You stretch your own inner window of presence, and this is the core for catalysing change with others.

Expand your embodied executive presence

Facilitator Edge is a unique blend of creative embodied awareness and movement practices. 


You will be facilitated to tune into yourself at a deeper level. This builds new muscle memories, and uncovers and develops trust in your intuitive felt sense. 

Challenge, Curiosity, and Creativity

You will be challenged, to explore the unknown, in your physical awareness. You will be invited to bring your curiosity - to be playful in trying out and learning with new movement. You will open up to a new generative capacity, in your creativity, as you bring on-line new awareness and insight.

You will develop skills which enable you to stay with the challenging and the uncomfortable, in the 'unknown', which is at the heart of new insight and change.

Offerings include in-person monthly practice classes, online "integrating with words" sessions, workshops, and closed groups.

"...last night I spent 2 hours in a workshop entitled Letting Go of Words with 8 others bringing movement and body sensation to the foreground and seeing what emerges.
When we did speak, words were used sparingly, were heartfelt and impactful. It was an amazing experience that I am still processing this morning.
... Thank you Willson Hau for creating such a special space."

Tina Neve - Midlife Career Coach and Therapist

Build your executive presence, and be part of a world where higher levels of physical awareness and self-knowing ignite creativity, well-being, and change.


Integrating new inner resources to take you to the next level in your mastery of facilitating and catalysing change

You will...

  • Be confident owning your unique blend of experience, energy, and embodied executive presence

  • Step into new layers of knowing and intuition coming on-stream

  • Feel more resourceful in challenging circumstances, able to draw on your physical, emotional and energy capacities

  • Deepen your capacity to hold a generative and creative space for your clients

  • Develop resources to move with flexibility, resilience and ease in your work and life, and integrate your new learning, as you blend body, mind and energy

What's more...

  • Your clients will benefit from your deepened capacity to offer new perspective, empathy and courage in tackling their challenges

  • They will find their own renewed agency in their own change and growth

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