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Image of Willson Hau, from Facilitator Edge, trainer in embodied awareness and movement

MA, Modern Languages and Philosophy, Trinity College, Cambridge.

MBA with Distinction specialising in Human Resource Management, City University Business School (now Cass).

Certified practitioner in Social Presencing Theater (SPT), grounded  in MIT's Theory U.

Systemic Coaching and constellations certification, Mackewn Nowhere.

In training with the Open Floor movement practice.

I'm a facilitator, a leadership development and organisational development consultant, a coach, a dancer, and a teacher.

I worked in technology markets, as marketer and researcher, as the PC, mobile and home computing markets grew. I moved with the digital age, into consulting in technology markets, and then career shifted into leadership soft skills and change management, including teaching digital innovation leadership, and design thinking.

And now, I bring together my experiences, in facilitation, leadership and organisational development, coaching, culture and change management to offer a unique resourcing and creative space.

In bringing new and fresh awareness to sensation and movement, I offer a deepening and an integration of your intuition, emotional intelligence, thinking mind, and body knowing.

This is learning from inside the body, that is active, and energetic - listening as body, and following movement as body.


It's a space for change catalysts - facilitators, consultants, coaches and leaders - to stretch their boundaries, to push back their edge, to stretch and to deepen, and to grow.

Willson Hau

Reflection of mountain range

What is Facilitator Edge about?

Facilitator Edge is about blending body, mind and energy to facilitate learning and change.

We will bring awareness to your body sensations, your movement, the dance that is in your body. Then your thoughts and feelings can flow more freely too. 

The more you can embody different responses in your movement, the greater the resources you can draw on to bring your full embodied self.

We learn with the challenge and support of peers. Working together, you dare to step to your edges, and bring curiosity and courage to discover new capacities and a deepening knowing of self.

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