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In person closed group

Trust and learning together

A closed group is a group of 6 to 10 people who work together. The group is closed to new joiners, so you know who will be with you on the learning journey, and can build relationships of trust and learning together.

Peer connections and coaching

It provides an opportunity to connect and network with peers, and to explore themes, insights, and learnings, in greater depth.


You will have the opportunity to engage in a peer coaching process, grounded in deep listening, to address a pressing and immediate challenge in your work, in an embodied case clinic.

Explore what's stuck

You will explore the "stuck" in your life and work, and move from a current reality to an emerging future.

A blend of embodied awareness, movement and dance

The group meets for 4 sessions, each of 3 hours duration, over a period of about 3 months.


The closed group will be informed by my unique blend of embodied awareness, movement and dance practices. 

Peer coaching for embodied executive presence, fo business coaches and consultants: Image by Shyam
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