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How do you bring mindful movement into the facilitation of change?

blurred photo of dancing figure - how do you bring your own movement into the facilitation of change

We can all get stuck

Organisations, teams, individuals, we can all get stuck.

We know about models of change that can help us shift. We apply our intelligence to thinking systemically, about the interconnectedness and complexity of the challenges we face. We bring emotional intelligence, an awareness of the feelings, fears and hopes that are around.

The knowing that can come from mindful movement

As a facilitator of change, you know that your body language can make a difference too.Knowing your own body language, and that of the clients and teams you work with is part of your toolkit.

And the body is not still. Bringing your body into mindful movement, following that with your awareness, can bring you to even deeper knowing.

Beyond mindfulness to the knowing that comes from mindful movement

Through movement, you can explore stuckness, instability, and what restricts. You can discover what grounds and centres, what's fluid, what's spacious, and open. Your body in motion explores, and is curious and creative.

waterfall, water cascading through rocks - a metaphor for movement in the facilitation of change, that can get stuck or restricted, and be open and flowing.

In playing with movement you can come to a different understanding of what is stuck or restrictive. You can explore how you might expand, when you want to include, and be inclusive.

You can play with how it is to contract or condense, when there is challenge or stress.

You move. You learn. You change.

As an embodiment coach and trainer, my work is to bring awareness to body sensations and movement, and to the body-in-movement intelligence that can bring insight quicker than through the mind.

Movement releases imagination and creativity for change

In an exploration through movement, you can find release, and a new way of seeing and thinking.

The simple, and clear words from a recent participant in one of my classes helped shine a light on this:

You permitted us together and separately to become absorbed in music and movement and this was releasing.
I was aware of the relationship between what I was doing with my body and what was passing through my inner imagination (my soul and mind).
They were dialectical, connected but separate. I noticed how the experience of the workshop abutted onto the stuff of what we each were living through. I imagined this creating many edges and mergings.

Thank you, Jonathan Chadwick.

Movement cannot be stuck

Movement by its very definition cannot be stuck.

forest, light shining through trees - embodied movement brings insight, awareness, choice, and resources

How can you follow this movement in your work, and what resources might you be able to draw on, to bring fresh insight, awareness and choice?

In allowing your movement, your thoughts and feelings can flow more freely. You can move beyond the cognitive and analytical.

Your capacity as a facilitator for change expands and deepens

You can develop your facilitative muscle that allows you to access the knowing that can come from the body. You can discover fresh awareness through movement, that can inspire change in others, and bring inspiration to yourself. Embodied mindful movement can help you discover practical steps to improve your well-being, and new tools to fuel your energy and creativity.


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