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Business leaders - apply all your intelligences to develop your executive presence

Buy your ticket to develop your executive presence, and find the new 'cutting edge' to take your leadership skills to the next level.

Apply all your intelligences to make better decisions

Business leaders - apply all your intelligences - thinking mind, emotional intelligence, body knowing, and gut intuition, to make better decisions, in your work and your career.

The new 'cutting edge' is to tune into the experience and insight that your body can bring.

Tune into your executive presence

Tuning into yourself brings a solidity and ground in your executive presence, which enables you to stay in the uncomfortable, which is at the heart of the deepest of change.

Your embodied presence ripples also into the experience of others, enabling them to bring their embodied knowing into the dynamics of change.

Facilitator Edge is about blending body, mind and energy to facilitate learning and change. In bringing new and fresh awareness to sensation and movement, I offer a deepening and an integration of your intuition, emotional intelligence, thinking mind, and body knowing.

Buy your ticket and find out more.


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