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Stepping into embodied curiosity

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

waterfall splashing on rocks
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Curiosity is a quality that is increasingly in demand in our fast changing, complex, increasingly interconnected world. We need curiosity to explore, to find out, to innovate. It is an energy that fuels excitement, growth and optimism.

Curiosity matters in our work and our organisations.

So how do we flex our curiosity in productive ways, to be more curious when the situation demands, and yet also to channel it powerfully to achieve results?

And how do we stay open, and receptive, so that we can come across new discoveries, fresh information, and challenges to our preconceptions, that can surprise and delight?

Is curiosity like a river?

rivers through mountain canyon
Photo by Manuel Meurisse, Unsplash

Is it free flowing and expansive when you need to explore the undiscovered country, to seek the bigger picture, or the hidden opportunities?

Does curiosity nourish and fertilise the ground, where we can make new connections, seeding fresh new insights, into our customers, the market, new technologies and our own work and organisations?

Can it be an exciting rush, like a waterfall, when ideas and questions tumble down one after the other?

Is it also a still lake, reflective when you need to be, to let your questions sink in, and to see how things might fit together?

still water, trees reflecting
Photo by Mario Dobelmann, Unsplash

Perhaps the river has a dam that can just hold your questions in check, when action or a step is needed?

What do you think?

How do you channel your curiosity and that of your clients to get the most of it in your work?

And how do you cultivate your curiosity as an engine to fuel your excitement and growth in your work?

Take 2 - stepping into embodied curiosity

I wrote the words above in a blog a few years ago, and I’m noticing what the language evokes in me, and my physical response to it now.

waters on rocks
Photo by Kazuendo, on Unsplash

It resonates with me and feels relevant to the work I now do.

Your curiosity can be stimulated by the active, energetic flow that is inside the physicality of your body. You can open to greater spaciousness and fluidity, by following movement as body. Listening as body, you can find the stillness, that invites quiet reflection and your questions to sink in.

This is embodied curiosity.

Facilitator Edge is about blending body, mind and energy to facilitate learning and change. In bringing new and fresh awareness to sensation and movement, I offer a deepening and an integration of your intuition, emotional intelligence, thinking mind, and body knowing.

I run regular practice sessions where you can explore and build your own embodied curiosity.


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