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Is "maybe" your best quality as a facilitator for change?

blackboard with yes, no, maybe, and question mark in the middle - illustrating how leaders can bring their executive presence by knowing their yes, no and maybe as facilitator for change

Your executive presence in your yes, and your no

As leader, facilitator, consultant, coach, or therapists, you know about knowing your "no". You support your clients and your teams to know their boundaries, and how to say "no".

You know too about the "no" that sits in the resistance to change. You are ready to work with your clients, in stepping into the challenge of what is stuck.

Your work with your client or client groups is to help them to be decisive and clear, to take action.

You understand what is needed to say "yes", with commitment, 100%, clear in your body, your feelings, and your mind.

Yet how much do you work with your "maybe"?

Your "maybe" can be your defining quality as a leader, facilitator for change, coach or therapist

The space of "maybe" is a space of curiosity, exploration, and creativity. It's a space of pause. Ultimately this is the space in which we foster change.

Your capacity to stay with the challenging and the uncomfortable, in the 'unknown' sets you apart for your clients. You can recognise decisions that are the expedient choice, and can help your clients navigate and stay with not knowing.

"We need to stay in the unknown, in the uncertainty, because that’s how we’ll find our way through…."

Exploring the unknown, bringing curiosity and openness, cultivating courage, are at the heart of new insight and change.

misty road - a metaphor for moving with curiosity, exploration and creativity, as a facilitator for change

Maybe, it's your "maybe" that is your defining quality as a leader, facilitator for change, coach or therapist.

What are you aware of now, feelings, or ideas?

What do you think?

green arrow, a metaphor for how facilitators for change, leaders and consultants can play with the shape, energy and vector of committing 100%, clear in body, feelings and mind

Your body knows.

Facilitator Edge provides a creative space for change consultants, facilitators, coaches and leaders, to tune into your body knowing.

You will be challenged, to explore the unknown, in your physical awareness. You will be invited to bring your curiosity - to be playful in trying out and learning with new movement. You will open up to a new generative capacity, in your creativity, as you bring on-line new awareness and insight.

You will build 'muscle memory' you can take back to your work, and enhance your executive presence.


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