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The gift of learning from inside the body

person running across zebra crossing with present; metaphor for learning from inside the body for coaches and facilitators

When we bring our body awareness to the foreground, we amplify our presence as a facilitator or coach, and step into our flow.

When we bring awareness to our physical state, we bring fluidity and awareness to our feelings and to our mindset.

It's like having a duet conversation with ourselves - noticing what emerges, acknowledging what wants to be still, bringing awareness to what wants to move.

It's a practice for the mindful presence we bring to the conversation with our client or group, we are facilitating or coaching.

We move and respond to what's happening, with an active and energetic intention to explore and to learn.

Learning from inside the body is resourcing ourselves through movement

children playing in a playground; metaphor for resourcing through the movement of body for facilitators and coaches

When we cultivate an embodied felt sense of our own energy, we are resourcing ourselves through the movement of our body.

Attending to the sensations, and micro movements, we gain insight into what's stuck, the shapes we make, and the patterns we weave.

We can listen as body, and follow movement as body. As we embody different responses in our movements, we build our own inner resourcefulness, to facilitate and coach with more flow and presence.

The gift of learning from inside the body

present on table being wrapped - metaphor for the gift you can give yourself as a facilitator or coach

In this season of gifting, the gift you can give yourself, is the learning from inside the body.

What will you find inside your gift box, that will nurture and help you grow, as a facilitator and coach?


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