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The new leadership skill - letting go of words

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Letting go of words allows a new leadership skill to be practiced, deepening your ways of knowing. Scrabble letters falling.

Change consultants, facilitators, and business leaders are used to the power of words. We speak to establish purpose and direction. Our words set the agenda, and provide the structure and focus for discussion and decision. We work to generate verbal agreement, on problem statements, or on the vision. We know the emotional power of words too, the negative impact the wrong choice can make, or the inspiring, energising effect of the right choice.

The power of words

This recent HBR article by Lucy Swedberg is a fascinating review of four recent books on the power of words, sparking new thoughts on the connection to creativity, diversity, and change. And it concludes with a review of a book by Dan Lyons, who “reminds us in STFU that sometimes our best move is to stop using them [words]."

Letting go of words - the leadership and change skill we need

Slowing down, we can listen to the intelligence of our senses, heighten our intuition.

The leadership and change skill that we might need to develop now, is indeed to learn to let go of words.Filtering out the channels of information in our words, or our speech, allows us to bring attention to information that we have grown used to ignoring.

We can do this by slowing down. In the pause, we can bring our attention to our physical state, and listen to the intelligence of our senses, and the information they can give.

It’s deepening our intuition, paying attention to our gut, and can guide us in sensing what is present or what’s stuck. The slowing down can help us to deepen our systemic awareness, to identify stakeholders who have not been seen, or to notice energies and motivations that have been hidden.

Giving different attention to what’s present or emerging may be the first step to understanding how change can happen in large, complex systems.

Why we need to practice using kinaesthetic awareness

Using our kinaesthetic awareness, to notice what comes up or is present, is to go beyond the conventional. It’s not normal, and it’s not what we do everyday.

And that’s why we need to practice. To attune our awareness to the less customary channels of information of our sensations and movements.

Regular practice for real world executive presence

Regular practice in spaces where you can slow down, let go of words, give, and invite focus on your physical presence, can help you to keep your awareness online when you go back to the world. It’s like building a muscle you can tune into, that builds your real world executive presence.

When you then bring back your words, you can find that they speak more authentically, and communicate more impactfully, blending body, mind and energy.

Facilitator Edge - blend mind, body and energy into real-world executive presence

Facilitator Edge is your opportunity to practice, to let go of words, to tune into different channels of information, that you can bring back into your day to day work. It is a unique blend of creative embodied awareness and movement practices, where you will be facilitated to slow down, and tune into yourself in a different deeper way.

Buy your ticket here to find out more, or get in touch.


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