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What did the client just say … why did that make me pause?

deer listening and alert
Simon Hurry, Unsplash

Something changes or shifts, when you are running a workshop, facilitating a team building session, or holding a coaching conversation.

You need to think on your feet. You bring your experience, your skills, and your presence.

You notice…

The energy in the room seems to have shifted, what’s going on?

The client seems to have moved into a new phase of learning now, what’s the most helpful thing I can do?

We seem to be stuck. What’s happening now?

frog head and eyes
Pierre Bamin, Unsplash

…you make an intervention.

Your capacity to stay with the challenging and the uncomfortable, to notice, and to make the skilful intervention is at the heart of facilitating change.

It’s a muscle you can build.

Dan Siegel’s window of tolerance theory suggests that everyone has a range of emotional experience, and when we’re in it, we’re working well. Elizabeth Dennison calls it the “window of presence”. As facilitators or consultants, learning not just to regulate within our window, but to widen our window of presence, is core to our work.

The “window of presence” is grounded in the understanding of the autonomic nervous system, the ANS. As the name suggests, it works automatically, regulating blood pressure and the rate of breathing, to take us into “fight or flight”, or into “freeze”.

At the edges of our window of presence, in challenging, or pressured situations, our awareness can fragment. Our thinking can go.

By learning to embody different responses, in our movement, we can learn to widen our window of presence. We learn to tune into ourselves differently, more deeply. We have access to more of ourselves, to bring online in the choices and interventions we make, more of the time.

We’re thinking on our feet.

Facilitator Edge is about blending body, mind and energy to facilitate learning and change. In bringing new and fresh awareness to sensation and movement, I offer a deepening and an integration of your intuition, emotional intelligence, thinking mind, and body knowing.

I help you access more of you, as you think on your feet.


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