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Join the dots to creativity, change and well-being

multi coloured dots in a matrix, an invitation to join the dots between sensation, movement, creativity and well-being


image of nerve cell, indicating sense of sensation, that allows connection to self

When we bring awareness to our body sensation and movement, we connect with who we are.

We can act authentically, bringing resourcefulness and ease in the moves we make.


When we listen to the dance of our body, we find ease in the true moves that we make.

We step out of your comfort zone, and explore, how we move from habit, to choice. We bring our curiosity and our creativity into movement.

an arc of light, in a swing shape, in semi darkness, a metaphor for movement and flow - in allowing our movement our thoughts and feelings can flow more freely too


In allowing our movement, our thoughts and feelings can flow more freely too.

We are always moving, never stuck!


Tuning into the physicality of our selves helps us slow down - to see with fresh eyes, more clearly. What do you see, when you allow your eyes to truly see?

twig and leaf in foreground against sun in background - metaphor for seeing more clearly and linking to well-being


As we embody different responses in our movements, we build our own inner resourcefulness.

When we cultivate an embodied felt sense of our own energy, we tune into greater resourcefulness, flexibility and well-being.

Inspiring others

When we bring the vitality of our own inner being to our work and life, our energy can move and inspire others.

As a facilitator of change, how is it to allow your body sensing to lead the way?

Come discover practical steps to improve your well-being, new tools to fuel your energy and creativity, and fresh awareness to inspire change and to be inspired.

Work with the wisdom of your body, and join the dots between body sensation, the dance of your body, the flow of your feelings, the clarity of your mind, and your well-being in work and life.

Come join the dots. When we are moving, we are never stuck!


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