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Change agents and your body knowing

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Body knowing leads to executive presence for change consultants

As a change agent, change management consultant, business coach, or facilitator, you know about body language, and posture.

You check in on how you hold yourself, open, or closed, energetic, or still. You pay attention to your own tone of voice, not just the content of what you're saying. You are attentive to how your client or stakeholder shows up.

You understand that 70 to 90% of communication is non-verbal.

Your body knows

Merleau-Ponty writes that the most developed of knowledge derives from our ‘senses-in-contact-with-the-world’.

kinaesthetic awareness supports change management, system awareness and executive presence

But how often do you practice, and build the muscle of attending to what your body knows?

How do you develop your muscle of your 'senses-in-contact-with-the-world'?

Tuning into the physicality of yourself brings different awareness of what's in the system or field, for you to bring into the conversation and dynamic of change. Slowing down.

Releasing the cognitive and verbal, and stepping into your kinaesthetic senses, allows an exploration of the present moment, and can help to build this muscle.

What sensations or physical movements are you noticing in yourself, or in the client or team you are working with? How do you use this information - to check in with yourself, and to enable the client to notice?

Kinaesthethetic attention and embodiment in change agents and consultants

Bringing kinaesthetic attention can bring a fresh intuition of what is in the field, and bring new energy and curiosity to diagnosis, and to solutions - which stakeholders are seen, which are invisible, whose voice is heard, whose is not, what feelings are being expressed, and which are not....?

Tuning into your executive presence

Tuning into yourself brings a solidity and ground in your executive presence, which enables you to stay in the uncomfortable, which is at the heart of the deepest of change.

embodied presence supports executive presence and change management

Tuning into the field with your body knowing invites others to collaborate and co-explore with you the challenges that matter.

Your embodied presence ripples into the experience of others, and enables them to bring their embodied knowing into the dynamics of change.

Facilitator Edge - blend mind, body and energy into real-world executive presence

Facilitator Edge is your opportunity to practice, to build the muscle memory of your 'senses-in-contact-with-the-world’, that you can bring back into your day to day work. It is a unique blend of creative embodied awareness and movement practices, where you will be facilitated to slow down, and tune into yourself in a different deeper way.


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